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The Rose Garden

Kevin, California, USA
November 1999

About ten years ago I just moved into a house that I had just bought. The house was in decent shape but it needed some work. The yard had started to overgrow and collect weeds. After I had finished moving in, a few buddies and I were working on the yard pulling weeds, tilling, fixing sprinklers and the like. Throughout the course of the day my friends and I enjoyed a few beers. Of course what goes in must come out and when it came time to relieve ourselves rather than go all the way inside to use the rest room we casually strolled over to the overgrown rose garden and did our business there. The high bushes provided a little privacy. You know, guys will be guys. Anyway, later that evening things wound down, my friends left and the house became startlingly quiet. I was very tired and went to bed. I'm not sure exactly when but sometime in the middle of the night when I was sound asleep I could feel someone pulling at my foot. When I finally awakened to see what was going on I was struck with a chill of fright. There was an old lady standing at the foot of my bed looking very angry. She was looking into me and waving her finger back and forth at me as if to say no, no, no. Apparently, this was the old lady who lived here previously and we disrespected her by urinating in her prize rose garden. Needless to say, in the future we made the trip inside to use the restroom.

Kevin, California, USA
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