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The Screamer

Heather M. Pardue, Alabama, USA
October 2007

My friends and I were and still are extremely interested in the paranormal.

About a year ago we decided to research ways to contact the paranormal and the most responses we reviewed were "Ouija boards". So we went and bought one.

We found one at a KB Toys, obviously buying it from a toy store we were highly skeptical. During our research we found that others with their own experiences had better experiences when they used everything with a number divisible by 3. There were 3 of us present at the time of using the board. We lit 9 candles (again divisible by 3) and we used my friend's large bathroom as the place to try it all out. No one was there but the 3 of us, it was a weekday and her parents were working.

We sat down in the dimly lit bathroom and each of us put 2 fingers on the mover (again divisible by 3) and I asked if there was anyone with us. No response. I tried again asking, "Hello?" the mover moved quickly to H then I. Spelling "Hi" we jumped and removed our hands. The mover moved itself to "Goodbye" as it is on the board. More inquisitive now than ever, having seen the mover move itself, we wanted to try again. Again I asked, "Is anyone with us?" no response, my friend Rebecca asked "Can someone talk with us?", the mover moved to "Yes". We asked if the spirit was male or female, the mover went to "F", we assumed for female. Her name when asked, just came a bunch of jumbled letters that we couldn't decipher. I asked if she was okay, she came back with "no"...that was a question I would regret asking and something my friends and I will never forget.

After our new found spirit sent us "no" we got chills a couple of our candles were snuffed out, unexplainably, then we heard whimpering, then the most blood curdling scream you've ever heard in your life. All three of us jumped up thinking that someone outside the room was hurt, so we went searching...but with no one in the house we couldn't find the source of the scream, so thinking someone was hurt outside the house we ventured outside to find nothing, with no neighbors home and living out in the country, there was nothing that could give a scream like that. We then came back inside locking the doors as we were still a bit shaken up. We went back into the bathroom to find everything askew. We sat back on the floor and started to place candles back in their holders and everything in its place when a low groaning started and then the screaming again...we sat in place knowing it wasn't from outside but coming from inside the room. Louder and louder we listened and actually put our ears to the walls, its sounded just like someone was trapped inside their screaming to the high heavens to be helped. We packed everything thing up in a hurried pace while the screaming continued and we left the room and her house for a couple house. When we returned a couple hours later there was no screaming, nothing.

Must just be a spirit we caught within the board who went to her grave screaming....

Heather M. Pardue, Alabama, USA
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