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The Silly Man

Julie, USA
September 2003

I was a nanny for a two and three year old. One day we were sitting at the table eating breakfast, and the three year old looked straight across the room and started laughing hysterically. I kept saying "why are you laughing, what is so funny?" and all he would do is point. After a while I said "Get up and show me". So he walked across the room and stood on the back of the couch. He pointed up (at the closed, white blinds). I looked and said "What is it, I don't see anything." So he said "It's a man, a silly man." I looked at him, and looked at the wall. I couldn't see anything. He just kept laughing. He got down and returned to the table, on my request. The entire time he ate, he continued to laugh and look at the "silly man". Eventually he said "The man is gone." I had asked him what he looked like and all he said was "He is flying" and had pointed toward the ceiling.

Two nights later, my boss's parents came for dinner. While we were eating, the three year old did this again. His grandfather said "Come with me and show me." So again he led him to the couch and pointed up again. They were baffled, and as I had told them this story, were now believers that it had happened.

I wound up leaving that job (for unrelated reasons) and kept in touch. My replacement nanny told me that her 10 month old daughter, looked in that very same place, and laughed uncontrollably. I couldn't believe it.

My son used to go into my bedroom (same age as the other baby) and he would be in the dark, nothing to look at. He too would be laughing hysterically and you couldn't stop him. Nor was there any reason to be amused. At the time, he was about 5 months old, maybe younger, just getting used to moving in his walker. I will also state that my son has seen pictures of people he knows and loves. Never have I seen him react to them as he did to a picture of my deceased grandfather, who has never met person.

I believe that there are spirits that these children can see- and I hope others continue to believe as well.

Julie, USA
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