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The Silly Spirit

Tegan, S.A., Australia
April 1998

This happened to my friend but she asked me to submit it. It was a rainy, dark night. The time was about 6:30pm and we had all decided to use a Ouija board. We called a spirit that kept spelling out stupid things whenever we asked a question. We asked him why he was doing this and he spelt out L3 F4. We decided to go and started calling this spirit names, the most popular was 'The Silly Spirit'.

That night when we were asleep lightning struck at 3:00am and a tree caught alight. Then that set the other trees alight. Then at 4am the barn set alight but the dog didn't hear anything. The next morning we found matches on the ground and the dog was really jumpy. Someone wouldn't have purposely lit it who was staying with us just to prove that Ouija Boards are real though. We think it was the 'Silly Spirit'.

Tegan, S.A., Australia
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