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The Spirit of A Little Girl

Lush, New Jersey, USA
September 1998

Iused to be interested about ghosts and everything about ghosts, ghosts stories and ghost hauntings were my life. However I never thought it would happen to me, hell everyone thinks that way about ghosts.

It was freshman year at college and my friends and I decided to move into a house off campus, we decided it would better and easier to study away from all the noise and stuff coming from the dorms next door. It all started the first night we were there, we were watching a video when the T.V suddenly switched off we all thought it could be a power outage as we had the lights off. We couldn't tell if that's what had happened, then one of my friends got up and turned the light on to make sure, and it switched on. We were all a little spooked but not scared, we thought it was a one off thing so we thought nothing off it. Little things like that happened non-stop, but we thought that because the house was old it could be just the power. But then one night my friend was sleeping when she suddenly felt a hand touch her face, her scream was fairly loud as it woke us all up. As I went in to investigate I saw a figure of a little girl. The little girl showed up frequently but my friends and I were not startled by her presence we were only curious. So one of my friends and I went to the local library to get information about the little girl. We found out that the little girls name was Mary-Ann, she was 8 years old when she died, she was brutally murdered by her Mothers defacto. Mary-Ann took her last breath in her mothers arms. Her mother later committed suicided as she could not live without her daughter. My friends and I later moved out of the house as we could not bare to live there anymore after what had happened to little Mary-Ann and her mother.

Lush, New Jersey, USA
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