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The Stairs

Jodie, Protuberant, UK
November 2002

I have read quite a few stories from this website and some I have found to be about stairs. I don't know if this is because some people fall down the stairs and die or just a ghost thing.

The first week, I think, that I moved into my house I sat on my rocking chair and was turned round, in the chair, to talk to my Dad on the sofa behind. I could clearly see the kitchen door from this angle. For some reason, I turned to the door and saw a man, about 18-19, standing at the door frame and looking into the sitting room. He looked around and looked at me. He seemed afraid. And I sat talking to my Dad and watching the ghost. I stopped the conversation and mentioned the ghost in the kitchen. My Dad looked into the kitchen and I watched him. When I looked toward where the ghost was, he wasn't there. My Dad believed my, because of the look on my face, and said that the ghost was probably checking if we were ok in our new house.

I was ok in the house for a while. I was afraid to sleep in my room for a while. I don't know why. Then before Christmas I started falling down the stairs. At first I never suspected a thing. I thought maybe it was an extra step or I just wasn't paying attention. But after Christmas I was walking down the stairs and there was loads of things going up the right hand side of the stairs. This was quite normal in my house. And in the middle of the stairs and at the top of the line of junk were some shoes. I said to myself to avoid the shoes and I held the banister tightly. I was about 3 steps from the shoes when I felt 'something' grab my shoulders and push me into the shoes. Of course I fell violently to the last step and the pieces of wood fell on top of me.

Since then I have never fell down the stairs again. But I've been terribly afraid of them.

I would always walk down the stairs and at the bottom just before I grabbed the door handle going into the sitting room, I felt something at the top of the stairs 'throw' themselves down at me. It was horrible, I almost had a panic attack because I couldn't open the sitting room door and 'it' was really close to me.

My friends hate the cupboard under the stairs. And have commented on how it have them a creepy feeling and that they felt that they should or had to watch it. I hated the cupboard. And one day while searching for the source of whyI hated it so much, I found that the floor was cement BUT there was a square cut out where I hated it most. I'll explain why. Inside the cupboard is long going the FULL length of the stairs, but about 7 steps from the bottom there is another cupboard door. This door kept opening in front of my eye's, that is where the cut out cement block was, underneath that second door.

More stuff has happened since then. But I don't want to bore you so email me.

Thanks for reading.

Jodie, Protuberant, UK
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