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The Stepfather

Western Australia
October 1998

Iam currently almost 18 years old, and in my past I have experienced some very strange happenings.

It all began when we moved in with my abusive Step-father (lets call him John) in a small Country town called Toodyay. At first he was a nice man but eventually, being an intelligent young girl, I saw the real beast behind those black beady eyes that everyone loved. Finally we met Johns previous wife and spoilt son. John's ex-wife told us of a story that john had tried to stab her in the stomach while she was carrying his baby. Of course my mum being so in love with John, she never saw that he was abusing her children and nor did she believe his ex-wife's stories. One day my best friend and I were home alone and this house was very scary when in it alone. It was a timber house and very open and spacious. I think what made it so scary was the fact that it was so quiet. Any way my friend and I had just raided the fridge and were walking through the lounge room toward the front door, when we heard what sounded like a baby crying, coming from my mum and step-father's room. We just froze on the spot and we both knew that we were not crazy. At that moment we heard it again, and shaking all over I grabbed my best pals arm and walked into the room.

We searched under the bed and everywhere else to find nothing. We still talk about it over the phone. One night after this incident when I was sleeping, I suddenly awoke with fright. I was sweating and breathless. I sat up in bed and stared towards where my mirror was. I could see a little red glowing light the size of a small button, moving around in circles as if floating. I watched this strange light travel up above the bunk bed I was sleeping on, and float down again. I slapped myself to see if I was awake and sure enough I was. I jumped out of bed to turn on the light to find it was gone. So many other bizarre things happened to me while in that house and eventually I left home and my mother found out about my stepfathers' abusiveness and she too left. I always wonder what it was that made that house so scary. I do know that many years before the house was built, an Australian outlaw had camped and roamed the bushland and areas where we lived, and even scarier, there was a knocked down church and graveyard up the road from where we lived.

Western Australia
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