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The Sweet Sister

Sidney, Ohio, USA
May 1999

My boyfriend's sister, Gail, died of cancer in January of 1999. At her funeral I went into labor with our daughter, who we named, Adriana Gail Ariel, after his sister. My boyfriend, Nick, had a hard time dealing with her death. I think it was mostly because they were so close, being that they were twins.

Ariel was a month old when Nick woke up to find Gail standing there, smiling at the baby. He sat up and said her name. She smiled at him as she came to the bed. He told me that he hugged her and started to cry. Gail told him that the baby was pretty and to not worry about her. She told him everything was fine, she was fine. Gail said she would watch over the baby. Nick kissed her on the forehead. I woke up and turned over in time to see Gail stand up. She smiled at me and disappeared. From that day on Nick was okay with her death. He didn't cry anymore and seemed to be happy. About two weeks after that Ariel was fussing one night. We had decided it was time she slept in her room because I had set up a crib in our room. But we moved it to the nursery. I went in to check on her to find Gail standing by the crib. She had her hand on Ariel's chest and was singing softly. She looked at me and smiled. The baby slept the whole night that night.

Another time Nick was making me pancakes. When he went to flip one over he dropped it on the floor. Gail's laughter was heard throughout our little apartment. I know it's not scary but it was a nice experience for us. It helps us to understand and accept Gail's death at such a young age.

I would like to put this story up in her memory.
Gail Ariel Collins- 1977-1999

Sidney, Ohio, USA
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