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The Thing

January 2007

Hello, this story takes place back when I was just a baby. How do I know, you may ask? Well, it's all according to what my brother's told me. They are pretty honest and serious guys in real life so I don't think they would lie about this, but this is just what they told me.

When I was only a few months old, my older brothers used to babysit me a lot. Also, they are all older than me by far.
Since we are Native American, we live on the reserve, far from any town life. Also, the closest house to ours at that time was a mile away. But that isn't important now.

It was just like any other day I would guess. It was during the day sometime when my oldest brother and my youngest brother were both babysitting me at my house. (They all had their own houses back then, and still do.) Anyway, in my house, when you walk through my front door, you end up being right in the living room where we have the couches, TVs, etc. They had me laying on the couch wrapped in blankets. I would guess they were probably watching TV or something. Just then, the young brother (who was 20 at the time) heard some knocking at the front door. The older brother (who was 30 at the time) got up and went to answer it. When he pulled the door open, no one was there! So, he just sat back down and resumed whatever he was doing. A few minutes later, they heard the knocking again. The older brother went to answer it again and the same thing happened. Then, a few minutes later, it happened a third time with the same outcome. Then, my brothers had an idea. My other brother (younger one) went and stood by the door and waited. As expected, the knocking started. He quickly pulled the door open and no one was to be found. Just then, he heard footsteps in the grass. He could tell that they were headed toward the back door. He told my other brother and they both took off out the door, leaving me on the couch. They raced around the house to the back. When they got there, they saw nothing. Just then, they heard more footsteps heading toward the front again! They both looked at each other and remembered that I was still in the house! They both shouted my name aloud and went racing around the corner. They came around the side of the house. Just then, the younger brother looked ahead and saw something very strange. He described it as a little boot with a feather dangling from the top. That was the only thing he saw before it disappeared around the corner. Both of them raced around to the front and saw nothing. They quickly ran inside, hoping that I was alright. When they got inside and into the living room, they found me just laying on the couch, they way I was when they left, the only thing was that I was crying. That was all my brother told me.

I'm in the ninth grade now, and I still haven't figured out what that little thing was. The only thing is, I think it did something with my eyes. I am now severely visually impaired and I have been ever since I was a little baby. I'm thinking that thing, whatever it was, must have done something, but I could be wrong. Anyway, that is just what my brothers both told me, I do not know if it was true or not, but it is still creepy.

Thank you!

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