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The Third Roomie

June 2004

This is an incident narrated to me by my two friends who experienced this. I have every reason to believe them because, well, they are (were) skeptics when it came to the paranormal realm.

Nearly a year back, my two friends (let us call them Anita and Betty for the story)took a trip out of town on some business. Since they were not familiar with the new city, they decided to check into a hotel suggested by their cab driver.

The hotel room was as normal as could be, fairly roomy and well-ventilated. Both of them had meetings to attend and places to go to all day, so they spent little time in their room, got dressed and left.

After a hectic day they came back late in the evening and walked up to their room to unwind. The first thing Anita noticed was that the door knob was moist as if it had minute dew drops on it. She mentioned it to Betty and they walked into the room discussing what could have caused it. As soon as they switched on the lights, they were taken aback to see the room drenched in what appeared to be water- similar to what happens when you take a hot shower leaving the mirror foggy. But in this case the entire room- the ceiling, the wall, the curtains, the glass, table, beds etc were covered with fine, minute water droplets. The room was stuffy and warm- and they felt like the temperature had just changed. There had been no rain all day and since their room was locked, they could not find a logical explanation for what they just saw.

Still a little spooked they decided that it could not be anything paranormal and stay put in the room. Anita went into the bathroom to brush her teeth, while Betty stayed in the room channel surfing on the TV. Anita kept talking to her from the bathroom, updating her about her day. When she heard to response, Anita called out to her asking, "Betty, are you there?". She heard a strange voice answer from within the bathroom, "Yes, I am!" Totally shocked, she ran out of the bathroom and saw Betty fast asleep- and this just confirmed that it wasn't her voice she heard.

She them woke up Betty and told her what happened. The two went up to the reception of the hotel and asked for a change of room and they were given one without being asked a reason!

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