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The Tree and The Ball of Fire

Stacey P, Arkansas, USA
July 2004

My whole 29 years, my grandmother has been a very religious person. I used to kid her about being born with more religion than Jesus. She is an open, honest, blunt person. She told me she was not always the goodie-goodie I see today. She was rather a hellcat back in her day. My grandmother is 80 years old so I guess she could have had a life before being a granny (lol).

Well during one summer, I believe it was in 1988, my aunt and cousin were visiting us from South Carolina, Granny had all her granddaughters, and daughters spend the night. It was like a big generational slumber party. I was teasing Granny about being a holy roller (we are close and kid all the time with her), she said that she had a story to tell me that caused her to find GOD and find him fast.

Back in the day, my granny's brother Vaughn was a hooligan, as Granny put it. He was cavorting with a married woman. One day my great Grandmother told Uncle Vaughn to baby-sit my granny. He was a good 8 years older than her. He threw a fit about watching his sister because he had some place he needed to go. Great Grandmother told him to take Granny with him.

Uncle Vaughn made Granny walk with him down the field and across the brook to his lady friends house. On the way, they passed this HUGE tree, directly across the street stood an old 3-story home that was vacant at the time. As they approached the tree, Uncle Vaughn and Granny both stopped dead in their tracks. A huge fireball rolled from the top of the tree, across the street, and under the old house. The house did not burst into flames as one would think. Granny said it just rolled under the house. Uncle and Granny both looked at each other confirming the other had seen the same thing and bolted down the road. Granny swears it was a warning from a higher power telling Uncle Vaughn to leave that lady alone. Sure enough, as they approached the lady's house HER HUSBAND WAS HOME. Uncle Vaughn wanted to wait him out, BUT Granny started crying and he decided to walk her home then come back.

On the way, back they had to cross the tree's path once more. Nothing happened this time. Great Grandmother was not home yet and Uncle Vaughn had to stay and watch Granny.

Two hours passed and Great Grandmother came home and she was distraught. It seems that Uncle's lady friend and her hubby had a terrible fight and the husband SHOT and KILLED his betraying wife.

My Granny swears to this day God was telling them what he was doing was wrong and he saved them from being there and possibly being shot.

Granny said she found God that day and has not let him out of her grips.

Stacey P, Arkansas, USA
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