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The Un-Happiest Place On Earth

Chira, CA, USA
June 2006

It was quite a few months ago, when mom and I were going to Disneyland for a two-day trip.
Because of a lower budget, we had to stay in an older motel in an un welcoming corner of Anaheim.
It was around ten in the evening and my mom was out cold in the bed near the bathroom. I was near the window, but couldn't sleep, even though we had been walking all day. I turned off the TV and rolled over, facing where my mom slept and tried to close my eyes. But it was no use, something was wrong about that room that was so disturbing.
It felt un welcoming and cold.
Eventually, I opened my eyes and just stared down at the floor. But something caught my eyes. At the end of the gap between the two beds, appeared to be a long, black sheet, being quickly pulled along to the base of my moms bed. I attempted to shake it off, thinking that my eyes were playing tricks on me, and pulled the covers up over my shoulders. For a while, I just drifted off into my own world and ignored everything else. But once again, my mind was pulled back into reality and my eyes shot open again. I quietly scanned the room, but settled on the wall on the other side of my mom's bed. It appeared that two black hands had rested on the edge of the bed, quickly followed by what looked to be a head shrouded in black. It was as if it was wearing a death shroud. I froze and just stared at this thing. And it appeared as if it was staring at me too. The feeling that flooded the room was miserable. It felt like it wanted us out, and was willing to do anything to get us out. But, at the same time, it looked as if it was not used to being seen by the living. I locked eyes with this thing for a moment more, then found myself doing the unusual, burying my face beneath the blankets. I was scared beyond belief, something about this creature was just so wrong. But, in a few minutes, I blacked out.

The next morning, I had forgotten about it, but when I got home I started to remember and did as much research as I could.

Chira, CA, USA
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