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The Voice in the Night

Hazreen, Kelantan, Malaysia
October 1997

It happen when I was 15 years old. I lived at the boarding school at that time and lived in a hostel. The hostel has a building that is 3 storeys high connected with the other 2 blocks. I lived in the block that was placed beside a room that was supposed to be a ward for the students who were ill. I hated that room since the first time I lived at the hostel. It gave me a creepy feeling when I past that room like someone was watching me. It's not just me alone that felt like that, most of the students felt the same thing. I always try to avoid passing that room even in daylight but that was the only easy way for me to go to the dining hall. I have to admit that when I was put in the dorm beside this room I felt very uneasy. To add my misery, my bed is near the wall that parted the room and my dorm. I nearly have "sleep paralysis" every night and also I keep hearing the toilet in that room being used even thought there were no other people in that room. So, I changed my bed. The scary nights became less and less. However, one night I could not fall asleep after waking up at 3 a.m. in the morning. I had had enough with this scary night so I decided to listen to some music. As I was listening to the music the player stopped suddenly and there's was a voice outside the window that is near to the room. I could not hear it clearly at first but the voice grew louder. It was asking what I was doing and laughing. I cannot forget that laughing until now. I looked at my dorm mate to see if anyone was playing a trick on me but everyone was asleep. I swear that voice didn't come from my dorm and was not even from a human! Then again I heard the toilet in that room being used by someone or something. I could not scream as I was too afraid so I just sat still and said some prayers.

I wont forget that voice and that room. Fortunately, after that night I wasn't being attacked anymore by the thing in that room.

Hazreen, Kelantan, Malaysia
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