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The Voice In the Roof

August 2004

I know you read things like this all the time and I admit I am sceptial of some the things I see and read on ghosts, hauntings etc. But what I have to tell you is all 100% true.

Ever since I can remember, I have 'seen' things, felt them and have had dreams that predict things about close friends and family.

As a small child in the early 1980's, I used to tell my mum that I could hear footsteps running up the long passageway and hear heavy breathing in the middle of the night when my sleep was disturbed (which was often) and see a very tall large man with a large dog like creature next to him.

One night I remember, I had been quite naughty and teasing my baby brother (I was only about 4 or 5) and in exasperation, my parents sent me to an early bed time. It was winter so it was quite dark, and I didn't have a night light, except for one in the hall, which was quite pathetic lighting really. I remember crying out to Mum to get me becasue I was getting the familiar feeling of a prescence in my bedroom. I was getting quite terrified and screaming, but for some reason I could not move (maybe it was fear paralyzing me) when all of a sudden a male voice started talking and it was so loud I was surprised no one else heard it and I heard him say, "Gee, What's her problem?" And another voice answering saying, "I have no idea, but she is really starting to annoy me". Well obviously this created further terror in me and I was hysterical by then and the voices seemed to fade out and disappear.

Eventually my Mum did come and get me, but she simply thought I was protesting at being told off. I told her what I heard and she believed me for the simple reason she too had 'seen' and 'heard' things. But I remember being so scared, that I stayed in my parents bed for the next couple of weeks. I actually brought the story up the other week and my sister who is 15 years older than me also remembers that night. In fact, to this day, the whole family doesn't like going down the hallway at night. Which is hard to avoid as the toilet is halfway down there!

I still get the creeps whenever I go in my old bedroom, becasue my parents still live in it. My husband admitted to me the other day, that he gets a feeling of being watched when he is in there. And this is coming from some one who is a strict non believer in this kind of stuff. But if he found out I mentioned that he would kill me!

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