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The Watcher In The Woods

Movie Man Dan, TX, USA
February 2004

I was in the 7th grade when I found out about the school's field trip to a nearby camp. When we arrived, the very first day our counselor told us the camps "true" ghost story. We all laughed because it was the stupidest story we have ever heard of. Instead of the usual "serial killer maniac that kills teens in the woods" kind of story, it was about some guy who was his wife get killed in the woods, so after he died he watches over the kids in the camp.

The next night is when the strange events began.

It was after midnight when something woke me up. I was dead tired from running around everywhere during the day, so I just wanted to sleep. I open my eyes to look around the place. That's when I saw it. My counselor, in his pajamas, standing by the door as if he was a zombie or something. His eyes were open, and he didn't blink. Didn't move. He just stood there with a grin on his face. His legs were spread apart and so were his arms.... like he was some sort of puppet. Drool was running down his face. I was scared to death. He then shut his eyes and yelled, fell to the ground, and broke into a seizure. He was rushed to the hospital. I still get the creeps when I think about his face and everything about that night.
A new temporary counselor moved in the next day.

That day we were supposed to go canoeing. I am terrified of the water and I can't swim at all. I can now, but back then, I couldn't.

We were walking in the woods to get to the lake, when I bent down to tie my shoe. When I was done, everyone was ahead, leaving me in the dust. I pick up my camera and went to run, but something stopped me. There was a cool breeze, and that's when I heard the whisper. "Out of the water". I looked around to see if it was a counselor playing a prank on me, but nobody else was there. I was terrified, so I took a picture. I really don't know why, but I did. I ran back to the others, and they didn't believe me.

When we got to the lake, we found out there wasn't enough canoes or life jackets available. So they had a drawing to see who goes first. I was chosen along with 2 other people to ride in the 3rd boat. But one of the counselors let his younger brother ride in our canoe without letting the other counselor know. I hate his brother, he is the meanest and biggest brat I have ever met. He made me give him my life jacket, because he couldn't swim. I'm not a big risk taker so as I went to get in the boat, I backed off. That's when I also remembered the whisper. I walked away and let them go.

It's good thing too... because it wasn't even 10 minutes later, until the boat tipped and everyone fell out on the deep end. If I didn't back off... there is no doubt that maybe I would have drowned and died. If I didn't hear that whisper, I might have gotten back into that boat when it flipped over.

Movie Man Dan, TX, USA
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