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The Whistling Spirit That Played With Dolls

Mandee, TN, USA
August 2018

These experiences happened when my daughter and I lived alone in an old house owned by a friend of my mother’s. At the time Sarah was 2 and I was pregnant with my son. The house had 2 bedrooms but I preferred for Sarah to sleep with me in the largest one.

We hadn’t lived there for very long before I had to ask my dad to check the heating system- it stayed extremely cold but only in that room so I thought maybe a heating duct was misplaced. He found nothing wrong so I assumed it was caused by the large windows in the room.

Shortly after that, Sarah began screaming as soon as she was left in that room alone and then for 2 nights in a row my bed collapsed for no reason. Again, my dad came and repaired the bed but I gave up and Sarah and I began sleeping on the living room sofa.

I got up one morning and went to the bedroom to get our clothes for the day and the door was locked from the inside. It was easily opened with a butter knife but it began to be very inconvenient when it was locked every single morning. I ended up simply accepting it and kept the butter knife on a bookshelf beside the door.

Now, my daughter had a large collection of porcelain dolls given to her by everyone in my family and they were kept displayed on a built-in shelf in that room, so the next occurrence that became commonplace was that every morning the dolls would be rearranged and turned facing the wall.

Another incident I recall was getting up in the middle of the night to pee (remember, I was pregnant so midnight peeing was not unusual) and the potty is located on the wall dividing the bathroom and the dining room. I sat there half-awake and began to hear a whistling noise in the dining room which quickly turned into a clear tune. I can’t recall the exact tune but it seemed very familiar at the time. It was definitely not wind- it was a song being whistled in the middle of the night.

These things never frightened me because I have had numerous experiences as a child, and my sisters and other family members have always been that way also. We were taught at a young age that it’s nothing to be scared of, to accept it and go on. I do wish I knew who it was but I was never able to find out.

Mandee, TN, USA
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