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The Worm From Under The Dresser and The Flying Dog

Joe, NY, USA
March 2003

My grandma has a wicker dresser in the living room. I believe it's a wicker dresser just like any other, and I looked at the piece of furniture just that way until several years after an event occured that I remember visually vividly to this day in my mind's eye.

It's not a very long or complex story, but the sheer factor of how unexplainable this is overwhelms me.

I was very young, about 6-7 years old. I was in the living room playing like I normally did, when I dropped a peice that I needed and it fell behind the dresser out of my reach. I remember it was a small circular object, no larger than a penny. I reached for it and reached for it with no success, and then I called out to my mom for help, but nobody came fast enough apparently. To my amazement, a white tube/worm-like thing protruded out from under the dresser towards me, with the object right in front of it, and it pushed it right to me. Being courteous, I said "thank you", and I may or may not have heard something in return, but I remember smiling and when my mom came in to ask me where the thing was, I told her that the thing had already helped me out and pushed it out for me, etc. Of course, she did the cheesy cliche feel your forehead, "are you feeling okay?" with that quirked brow thing, and I got kinda upset, but then I forgot about it until a few years ago. That's the first of such stories.

The Flying Dog:

In my own house, my old house, we lived in an old saloon. Apparently a lot of people died there and there was a lot of action in the house. Anyway, one particular thing happened to me one day that I still remember to this day.

I yelled for my mom to give me my favorite stuffed animal. It was a little dog, about the size of a rat terrier or other dog, and looked like a golden retriever puppy. Now, this was no breeze, this was no freak magnetic shift in the earth... this was weird. After asking once or twice, I stood up to go get the dog, and around the corner the dog comes flying at my chest at a not-so-fast speed and I catch it. Being around 10-11 years old, I didn't quite try to understand how the dog managed to be thrown from my unseen mom (in the kitchen in the other room), or my unseen dad (in the living room across from that room) threw the dog to me, and managed to make it zigzag and come at me around the corner. Upon thanking my parents for the dog, once again I got what I now realize as the typical skeptic, "you're acting like a weirdo" look. I explained what happened, how it went forward, and then left, and then forward again, and then left around the corner into my room. I insisted that somebody threw it, because I didn't really know about ghosts.

One way or another, it seemed to fly into my arms and for the longest time I wondered how on earth that could have happened.

If anyone has ever had any experiences like this, or any comments on it, go ahead and email me. I've got more stories about both homes.

Joe, NY, USA
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