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The Wristwatch and Other Stories

Pacific Is. Trust Terr.
June 2003

I do not believe in ghosts, but still there are events when I'm forced to believe in them. For instance, I'll tell you of a summer afternoon.

My brother and I share the same bedroom. One afternoon, we were not sleeping as usual, We were whispering to each other all kinds of nonsense. Everybody else was asleep. Suddenly, my wristwatch, which was lying on the chest of drawers, came flying and fell on my head. I was startled as it had not come from the direction of my brother. I had a good look all over my bedroom but couldn't find anyone who might have thrown it. My brother, though two-and-a-half years older than me, had been terrified and had buried himself under the blankets. I, when recovered from the shock, took a promise from him not to tell this to anyone. I examined the watch carefully in case he would've tied a thread to it, but there wasn't a sign that could prove him guilty.

Another event took place when in last summer we had slept in our parent's room. It was past midnight and I was still wide awake. I heard my father getting out of bed and going to the washroom. When he returned, he closed the door. I was watching the door. Suddenly it opened by itself and then closed. I was shocked. It wasn't the wind because I slept next to the gallery window and would've known if there was a wind. The fact was that no one else noticed the opening and closing of the door.

One day I was in the kitchen ready to bake a cake. It was my parent's wedding anniversary. Everyone except me had gone to my aunt's. I had plenty of time to bake a cake. I got out all the ingredients and followed the instructions on my mom's cookbook. Just as I had taken it out from the oven and ready to decorate it, someone called my name. I was surprised as no one was at home. I did a thorough checking of the house but no use. The someone had called me repeatedly. Then I thought that it must be my neighbour. I went to her house and asked if she was calling me. She looked at me like I was a mad person and had said no. I apologized and ran straight back home. I was very much frightened and did not know what to do. I headed back to the kitchen and finished decorating. The rest of the day went fine. But I still could remember the commanding voice that had summoned me. It couldn't have been recorded, because our two tape-recorders were broken and we hadn't bought a new one.

I have not told anybody about these events. But all I need you to know is that these are true events.

Pacific Is. Trust Terr.
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