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The Yellow Rose

Anonymous, USA
November 2008

I've been married for about 10 years but that one fateful night my husband died from his long battle with cancer. It was hard for me but now he is pain free. I always received yellow roses from him on my brithday, but about one year later on my brithday after my party, my friends threw for me, I went to bed but I found a yellow rose, it scared me but it made me feel happy but I thought it was my friends. It kept happening so I finally ask and of course it wasn't them. Then one of the nights of getting the rose, it was cold, really cold and I saw a outline of something but it took me by surprise so I couldn't see it well but that was the last time I got my yellow rose. I realized it wasn't my friends, it was my loving husband still giving me roses.

Anonymous, USA
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