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Theatre of Light

December 2000

This is an amazing story that happened in 1992 at the first college I attended. I was 18 and my boyfriend, Daniel, who is now my husband was 20, and attending the same college.

Daniel was the student director of the theatre department, and his office was upstairs behind the theatre stage. The auditorium/theatre holds 300 seats.
We were walking past the stage door as we were leaving his office, and noticed a bird on stage in the middle of a yellow spotlight. There was also a back spotlight shining on the front of the stage. This light is controlled from the upstairs behind the audience, and it is used to follow actors when they are moving on the stage. The whole theatre was dark except for the yellow and white spotlights, and NO ONE was in the theatre or lighting booth. It was rather creepy. Daniel picked up the bird and let it outside. As we said goodbye (I was on my way to Art class, he was going back to the office) Daniel said, "Wouldn't that be strange if the yellow spot light is off when I walk back by?" We laughed it off.

At the end of my Art class Daniel came running up to me. He said he went back by the theatre stage door, and the yellow spotlight was off!! So, he went onto the stage and started talking to possibly any spirits or ghosts that may have turned the light on and off. In the middle of his "conversation" the yellow spot turned back on, right on him. There was NO ONE in the lighting booth. He thoroughly checked! He then mentioned me, and said he'd like to share this experience with me...a red spot light came on next to the yellow. Some would say that meant no, but I have red he decided the red light meant me. Daniel told me when he said goodbye to the lights, they turned off. He told me to go check it out.
So, I went right up to the theatre stage door, and only the red spot light was on, like it was just waiting for me. I was brave and went on in. As I was talking to the lights and mentioned Daniel the yellow spot came on again. It was soooo amazing and eery, and unbelievable that this was happening. Sometimes I still am amazed. The rest of the semester we would go in the dark theatre and the lights would come on for us, and then go off as we left. One day, the main theatre lights (called house lights in theatre slang) were on because the janitor had just finished vacuuming, but he had left. I was in the back of the theatre behind the audience seating and noticed a different yellow square spotlight shining on the stage. As I walked toward the stage it faded and the normal yellow spot came on. Then two white and then two pink ones came on parallel to it, then my red light came on. I was freaked!!! I was at the edge of the stage, and I felt this push inside me to go on stage. Like, "come up and play with us." I refused because I was so freaked out! Then the white spotlight that I mentioned at the beginning of the story that is upstairs and behind the audience came on and shined RIGHT ON ME!!!! I couldn't believe it! I then was pretty terrified and glad the main lights were on. I said I had to go to class and started backing away from the stage. Each light turned off one by one. And NO ONE was in the lighting booth!!!!

My husband graduated that semester, and he moved. Daniel went back this November to the theatre, as we were there visiting family for Thanksgiving. He said the lights didn't come on, but he swears as he was leaving he saw a ghost run away as he exited the stage. He said it was like the ghost was watching him, and when the ghost realized Daniel was leaving, the ghost was ducking out of sight.

Well, the story is 100% true. I swear. I still sometimes disbelieve it, and I was there! Thanks for reading this story!

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