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Nicole, QLD, Australia
March 2003

I was living in a rented house with my Mum, older brother and younger sister. Quite often my Mum and I would hear footsteps going up and down the hallway late at night. Also, if I was alone in the house I would often feel as though someone was there with me.

Anyway, we became used to this and thought not much of it until one day when I was at work.

A friend of mine came in with a little girl she was babysitting. The little girl (who's name I now can't remember) knew where I lived. Before she left she made what I thought was an odd comment. She said "my Mum died in your house". This naturally gave me a few chills. After she left, my boss (who knew her situation) explained to me that the little girl's mother used to be a client of ours and had died of a drug overdose in the hallway!

That afternoon I went home and felt I had something I had to do. I was alone in the house, I stood in the hallway and simply said "I saw your daughter today, she is fine and happy". And believe it or not, nothing was heard since nor were there any more eerie feelings. I am glad to have been part of helping a concerned mother move on.

Nicole, QLD, Australia
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