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They Follow Me

January 2006

Ever since I remember I have always had some sort supernatural experiences happen wherever I have lived. I don't call myself a psychic or anything around those lines. All I know is that things happen only to mom is bewildered about some of the things shes seen happen and always when I'm present.

I will start off with the house I lived in from 2001-2004. It was a three bedroom house with one bathroom. At first things really didn't happen until about a year later...

The first incident happened to me it was around 12:00pm and I was watching cartoons. I was sitting on my bed when I felt someone breathing on me. Not like normal breathing no, it was like if they were being choked and were trying hard to catch some air. I thought nothing of at first, you know didn't pay much attention. Then it happened again this time I could feel their breath on my neck! So I started to wonder...and I started looking around to see if it was something in my room, like the window or something. When all of a sudden I felt it again! I didn't even stay to look around I jumped of my bed and ran in the living room where thank God my mom was at.

After that incident I started hearing someone whispering my name at night. It always happened right after I turned out all the lights out and settled in for the night. So I started saying goodnight to whatever was saying my name. I told my mom and she said that maybe it was my real dad coming to see me...finally. I don't know him and maybe it was, I really don't know.

The next major incident happened one night when my stepdad was home, you see he works graveyards. Well I really wasn't in the living room when it happened I was in my room. My mom was in the shower and my stepdad, my little brother and little sister were in the living room. I started hearing some knocking on our back door. It wasn't just knocking like for someone to answer the door, no it was pounding like let me in or I will knock down this door! Now let me explain how our back door is set up. First you have the kitchen, then there is a door to go out into the laundry room and in there is the back door that leads to the back yard. Now from my bedroom window I can see the back door. So I also heard the knocking, but I thought it was my little brother playing a joke on my dad, or something. Well my mom came out of the shower and my dad was saying that maybe it was me knocking on the door. Remember my mom was in the shower and didn't know what was going on so she simply said "No, Nette is in her room". This really stunned my stepdad, but he didn't go look. I know I heard the knocking we all did except my mom, and come to find out it was nothing new to my brother and sister. Although my parents didn't believe them when they told them after that day they did.

We have since moved to another house and the only major things that happened while I was there were doors opening, or slamming. Sometimes the usual walking footsteps and stuff. The real weird thing is that ever since I moved it all stopped. Now another weird thing is that at my house where me and my boyfriend live, very strange things happen. I haven't told him many of the things that happen there I don't want to freak him out just yet.

Well thank you for reading my story hope you enjoyed it.

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