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They Hate Me

Matt W, CA, USA
September 2001

I have been interested in the paranormal for as long as I can remember. I remember when I was little how I always wished my house was haunted. When we moved to a different house I got my wish, now I take it back.

The house was built in the early or mid 70's. My parents (My mom and step-dad) tell me no one died in the house, but I think they're lying. Note: I have 5 cats and 1 dog.

I knew the house was odd from the first time I saw it. It looked abused and really old for it's age. Inside was even worse, the wallpaper was all torn, the mirrors were all scratched and the lawns were in terrible condition. Only 3 families had lived there before us. One of which was an incredibly violent man who was a workaholic. Nothing really happened for the first year, besides the occasional cold feeling.

The first thing really terrified me. I was laying in bed staring at the ceiling when I heard what sounded like someone running up the stairs, down the hall and into the bathroom, the bathroom door closed. Thinking it was a burglar I hid myself under the covers. What seemed like hours later I finally got out of bed, checked the bedrooms to see if everyone was okay. They were dead asleep but the bathroom door was still closed. In the morning I woke up to see my step-dad trying to open the door, but it was locked. He went downstairs to get something and when I tried, it opened. After that it was quiet at night but every so often I would hear what sounded like a window breaking but nothing would be broken.

A few months later I was playing video games peacefully in my room. Around 9 or 10 I heard this terrible growl come from a corner. Even though I was shaking, I pretended I didn't hear it. This didn't sound like a normal growl, it sounded like a person and a cat growling together to make one creepy growl. All of my cats were downstairs at the time and my dog was taking a nap in the backyard. After the 4th growl I told it to shut up and then it made the loudest of the growls. I ran downstairs practically tripping down the stairs.

The growls never happened again but soon I would be hearing something else. I had just gotten in a fight with my parents, angrily I ran into my room. I started cussing into my pillow when I heard a a bunch of mumbling coming from atop the stairs (just down the hall from me) and then a little girl's VERY high pitched voice saying something like "You can't do whatever you waaaaaaaaant!" That was a voice not even my mom could make.

A couple nights later I was lying in bed. In my room I have 2 TVs, one of them is on an old dresser across the room. Anyway I was lying in bed when I heard the TV and the dresser just start shaking really violently. I was too fear-stricken to even look but I know no one (alive) was doing it since I had my door closed. After about 5 minutes it stopped.

About the voices I mentioned earlier, one time my babysitter (this happened a couple years ago) was sitting in the family room when she heard a little tiny girl's voice say something that she couldn't make out. I only saw a figure once, but that was quite enough for me. I had been sent home from school because I didn't feel good. It was around lunchtime. I was trying to get to sleep when I heard footsteps coming out of the bathroom. A black shadowy thing came into my room. It looked kind of like black, floating water. All I saw was the waist up. It didn't have a face, but I knew it was somehow looking at me. I shut my eyes and pretended to sleep. After a while I finally did and when I woke up I just kind of laid in bed for a bit, after about 5 minutes I heard tapping on the wall across the room from me. It wasn't mice or any other creature, it sounded like if you get you index finger and just tap it on the wall. It was kind of loud and after a while I could hear tapping on the walls all around me. Even though I was dizzy I walked out of the room (shaking) and decided to try to sleep on the couch.

After that I only had a few more "special" experiences. Besides from lights turning on and such. I had to get something from the freezer in the garage. I was looking for it and the second I started to reach for it I heard a loud cough right behind me. I looked and no one was there so I bolted out of the garage. Not to long ago I was on the PC looking up something when I heard something just slam on the window of the room. It was daytime and I couldn't see what had hit it, but it sounded like it came from the inside (which is not to far from me). I decided I had done enough researching. The last really creepy thing happened a couple nights ago. I was on the PC and was at one of my favorite sites (Not this one). It was around 11:50. My mom and step-dad were both asleep. Anyhoo, around 11:50 I heard something that sounded like someone walking at a quick pace down the stairs. Thinking it was my mom telling me to go to bed since my keyboarding sounds could be waking her up; I shut off the PC and left the office. When I got down the hall I didn't see anyone. Everything was how it was just an hour before. I ran upstairs.

The "spirits" seem to only want to scare me. The occasional things happen, things missing then appearing where you looked before, cats getting mad at thin air etc. I don't know if I just have a fear of closets or something, but I used to be able to just picture an old woman in my closet.

Matt W, CA, USA
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