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This Apartment May Just Be Haunted

April 2007

My boyfriend had just gotten a new job working as a Corrections Officer. He found an apartment that was closer to his new job site. At the same time his friend, Jeff needed a place in the same area. They both got new apartments in the same building. After he had settled in some, I was invited over to check out the place.
The buildings were not new, maybe built in the 70's. There was nothing creepy about the place at all. His new place was about a forty-minute drive from my home, so I was planning on staying the night. As it got late and we retired to the bedroom, I asked him why all his closet doors were opened, such as in the bathroom, hallway and bedroom. He claims that they don't seem to stay shut. Even through they were french folding doors, which fold in half when opening them.
After a while of contemplating the non-closing doors, the TV out in the living room came on. My boyfriend said he might of had the sleep alarm set on it, but then it started to get louder and louder. He ran out there and turned it off. When he came back he told me he thinks his apartment just may be haunted. That his friend Jeff keeps getting knocking on his front door late in the night, but when he goes to answer no one is there. Jeff always thought it was my boyfriend because he was the only one inside the building that knew him and didn't have to be buzzed in. But my boyfriend had never knocked on Jeff's door and left.
Then the TV came on again. He looked at me and said, I have to get up early in the morning, you are more than welcome to stay here and sleep. With the TV getting louder, I said "Thanks, but I believe I want to leave now." He understood completely and walked me out to the living room. He had to turn off the TV anyway. I found my shoes by the couch and was sitting there putting them on when the whole room went cold and I mean freezing cold. He had turned off the TV and ran over to the sliding glass window thinking it might have been opened, but it wasn't. The heat was on; there was no reason for this room to be so cold. I left as fast as I could.

About a month later of dealing with the TV and his radio being turned on and up, him and Jeff both asked to move to a different building. Jeff claimed that the knocking had stopped on his front door, but moved to his bedroom door.

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