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This Was Not Friendly

March 2002

My parents and I used to live in a northern suburb of Chicago. It was a very wealthy neighborhood in an un-incorporated part of Wheaton, Illinois. The beautiful, two story, tutor home housed some of the most negative energy I >have ever encountered. Incidentally, this house was located across the street from a huge cemetery.

When we first moved in, the previous owners had left several little "prayers" in drawers, cupboards, etc...and we found this somewhat amusing.

After we settled in, I really felt uneasy in this house. It felt cold, dark, and ominous. We had some repair work that needed to be done and several contractors refused to take the job because they said "that area is haunted". We thought this was a very odd way to refuse a job and made light of it. However, I now believe that there was something to those little "prayers" that were left for us.

I experienced two seperate incidents that I will never forget.

The first happened late at night (or should I say, early in the morning, approx. 3:00 am). I was lying in bed, my parents in the next room (I could even hear my father snoring!). I always fall asleep with my television on low and I was just about ready to fall into a nice slumber. In a matter of seconds, I felt like something was in the far left, upper corner of my bedroom staring at me. At that same moment, this object (or whatever it was) moved at lightening speed up in front of my face and was about 1/2 inch away from it (my eyes were still closed, that is how quickly this took place). When this happened, I could sense that this was an angry look, I could almost sense the eyebrows "furrowed" at me. As I think about this now, I can still feel the negative emotion harbored at me. I popped my eyes open and nothing was there. It felt like if you were to close your eyes and have another person put their face right in front of yours, even though you could not see them, you can still sense them there.

The second incident I had at this house happened after I had moved into my own apartment (however, my parents still lived there). They were in Europe and I was over at the house to feed the cats and water the plants. It was a very bright, crisp, not a cloud in the sky, Autumn day (approx. 2:30 pm). I was leaving a note for my parents, telling them which day I was over and what task I had taken care of (standing in the kitchen). I was suddenly overwhelmed with >the feeling to GET OUT of the house. I continued to write the note, but the feeling to leave became over-powering and I became very anxious. I just had to get out, get out, get out of that house. I actually ran out of the house (mind you, I am thirty years old and work in field of science, so I believe that there is rationality for everything). Now I was outside and was looking at the house. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, the shutters did not bang, nothing boomed in my wake, but I did not feel like I could go back into that house alone and be safe.

I now live in a different state but I will always remember that house and the constant feelings of unease and darkness. I don't know if these incidents were somehow related to the cemetery (which was rumored to be haunted and several car accidents with fatalities happened while I lived there but that could just be a coincidence). These things happened to me and were as real as anything I have ever known.

Thanks for reading.

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