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Three Times Too Many

Beth, OH, USA
September 2007

I have always been able to see things out of the corner of my eye. Some of them could be explained away as hair that had moving past my face, the side of my glasses or car lights moving down the hallway wall. There have been other times when no reason could be found for the movement. I'm sure everyone has experienced the same thing. However, there are two times in my life where there was no doubt what I had seen and one time I was scared into moving out of my home.

The first time?.

The first of the two happened at a friends house.
We were getting ready to go out so I was fixing my hair in a mirror at the bottom of her stairway. In this mirror I could see about three feet above the top landing. She was sitting in her kitchen to my right. As I was finishing up with a last look I could see someone come out of her bedroom that was on the left of the top landing and head into her bathroom that was to the right. I turned to look up the steps and said to her " Is Heather (her daughter) home?". She told me no, both Heather and Tommy were at their grandma's house and asked why. I told her what I saw and then told her the person had on what looked to be blue polyester pants. She blew me off and we went out.

Later that night after picking up the kids we came back to her place. I was spending the night on the couch and had settled in with the TV on. Everyone else was upstairs. I could hear someone come down her stairs. I assumed it was Tommy and told him to go back upstairs. When I didn't hear him go back up I asked him again and a little louder. Sherrie, my friend, heard me and told me both kids were already fast asleep. She came down and we talked about what was going on in her home.

She told me that she had seen the same thing in her mirror that I did but it was going in the other direction. That is also when she told me of her first night in that house. She fell asleep on the couch and heard moans from under her that got louder and louder until she was so terrified the only thing she could do is reach for the phone and call her mom who lives five minutes away. The moaning only stopped when her mom opened the door.

The second time?

It was a cool spring day and I was visiting my sister and her family. We were all out on her porch enjoying the perfect weather. Just inside the front door was her living room and beyond that was the dining room. I needed to get something I had left on the dining room table but for the life of me I can't remember what. I quickly grabbed it off the table and turned on a dime. It was then that I saw her. It was only a spit second--no, less than that. It seemed more like an impression than an actual vision. She was standing in the living room with her right side to me. Her head was cocked as if she was watching me. The look on her face seem to say "what are you doing in my home?". She had on a floor length gown made of navy blue velvet and a white lace color with a cameo broach . Her hair was gray and pulled up into a bun. I stopped dead in my tracks and had to ask myself if I really saw her. She was there and gone so fast but I had every detail of how she looked.

I went back outside and told my sister and her husband what happened. My sister and I talked to next door to see if the people who lived there before her had said anything about the house but nobody had ever heard anything. My sister and her family never had anything happen in that house. Who she was and why she only showed herself to me I will never know.

The worst of them all?.

I was living in an apartment building that was across the street from a cemetery. I had lived in this building before on the second floor so I didn't have an issue with it (other than the fact I got too creeped out to use the laundry in the basement). This time I was on the third floor. I will sometimes listen to music before I go to sleep and on this night I had on my headphones while I was laying in bed. The door of the bedroom looked out onto the kitchen. I could see the fridge from my bed. The bathroom was just off the kitchen and the street light was shining through the bathroom window onto the fridge. I was looking out the door and it looked like something like a bird was in front of the window and flapping its wings because there was a strange shadow on the fridge. I sat up a little in bed to get a better look and that's when it came in. A dark figure of a man walked into my room and walked to the foot of my bed. I shot out of bed, ran into the living room, turning on every light I could find as I went and praying out loud. I turned to look at the bedroom doorway to see if it was coming after me but nothing was there. I picked up the phone and called my friend. I started to tell her was just happened and the chair I was in felt as if it was shaking. I thought it was me but I saw the plant a few feet way shaking too so I'm not too sure why or what was happening there. As I calmed down I started to think maybe I was seeing things. I decided to go back to bed but I slept (and I didn't get that much that night) with al the lights on and the blankets piled up on my chest so I could not see the doorway.

The next few nights I would be waken up all hours of the night because my bed was shaking as if someone was at the foot of it. As soon as I was awake it would stop. Now the bed was old and when I mean it would stop I mean the shaking would slow down like a top slowing its rotation until it falls.

The next week I had some friends over. I was in the middle of telling them what was going on and I started to feel my chair shake. I asked them if they felt it and the one closet to me said she could but the one sitting on the other side of the room said "no, but the bookcase next to you is rocking like crazy". We went over to the apartment next to me to ask if she had ever felt anything like what was going on in my home. It was at that point I was hoping the building was shaking when a truck went by or some other sane reason but she never had anything like that. She told me there was a firewall between the two sides of the building so it was solid as a rock.

I would be woken up three to four times a week form then on but I never saw anything again. After a few months of that I moved in with my boyfriend and lied to the landlord to get out of my lease telling him we were getting married.

I sometimes have to drive by that building and to this day I can't look up at the windows for fear I may see him looking back.

Beth, OH, USA
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