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Toast Ghost

Sarah, IN, USA
November 2001

My husband has been bugging me to submit this story for some time now, so, here goes.

Years ago, before we got married when we were dating, my husband (boyfriend then) would come out to my home several times a week. I was still living at home with my parents at that time in an old farmhouse that had been in our family for generations.

My boyfriend and I would watch television or talk after my parents had retired for the evening. One such evening we noticed the distinct smell of toast. Thinking that it must have been an aroma floating in through the open windows (since it was Summer the windows were open) we didn't give it much thought, except that it must have been quite thick atmosphere out for such a smell to carry at least 1/2 a mile, which was our closest neighbor. This would happen quite frequently over the next several months.

Soon it was Winter and we began to smell the toast again at night. We began to think this was quite peculiar since no one was in the kitchen (my parents had already gone upstairs to bed for the night) and we lived about a half mile from the next neighbor!

It was years later that we mentioned this to my Mother. She told us that she and my Father had always thought we were cooking downstairs because they smelled the toast as well! She also mentioned to me at this time that her Grandfather, who used to live in the house and had died there, LOVED toast. It was his favorite food. Could this have been my Great-Grandfather acting as chaperone???

My husband, who grew up in a very religious home was not a believer, but this is the one incident that has made him think twice!

Sarah, IN, USA
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