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August 2001

My boyfriend and I lived in an apartment in a rather quiet part of town. It was winter when my experience happened, and so it was even quieter than usual.

He had been feeling feverish, and so went to bed on the livingroom couch, while I was in the bedroom asleep. Around 3:00 a.m. I was abruptly awoken by what I immediately thought must be a tornado, and it was coming straight for our apartment! In my fright I fell right off the bed and lay there, heart pounding, expecting that at any moment we would be blown away. But then -- I heard the sound go over the house. Now I thought it sounded like some sort of flying contraption, but not any I had ever heard before. It definitely was not an airplane or a helicopter. I stood there in awe, listening to it pass back over us again, faster than any conventional flying vehicle would have been able to turn around.

I called out to my boyfriend and realized he was standing there in the middle of the livingroom, in the dark. He said "It passed by 15 minutes ago."

It seems strange now, but we were both too afraid to go to the window and look up. Later he amazed me by stating my exact thoughts: "I was afraid we would be beamed up"! We then heard it travelling down the alley, but not on the road, but above it. Next we sat down on the bed in the bedroom, and whispered frantically about what on earth it could be. Suddenly we heard something bang against the air conditioning unit in the window. It was like something clamped onto it! We were really frightened now. Still, we were too afraid to look out the window.

The next day, we looked at the unit from outside. We are on the second floor and could see nothing. We asked several neighbors if they had heard anything during the night, and not one of them had.

To this day I get goose bumps when I tell anybody about my true U.F.O. experience. Some people believe me, others do not -- but as sure as I'm alive, it happened, folks--it happened.

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