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Tower of London

Essex, UK
November 2007

During last summer, myself and my family (my little girl and husband), visited the Tower of London.
It was a lovely sunny day, we arrived about 11.30am, and after lunching in the tower cafe, we started to explore.

We had been in the tower about 2 hours (after a medieval sword reenactment), we reached the bloody tower, in which Sir Walter Raleigh had been kept, and my husband decided he needed a cigarette (before it was banned) and decided to sit outside with our daughter, whilst I went inside myself.

I walked up the stairs into the room that was furnished how it was supposed to be while Walter was there. There was couple who left the room just has I entered, so I was left in the room by myself.
I was looking at his desk and had a really strange feeling someone was watching me. I ignored it thinking I was getting paranoid! Then I left the room to ascend the stairs to the upper part of the tower, which was his bedroom. The couple was nowhere to be seen, so once again I was in the dimly lit bedroom by myself.

I was just about to leave (it had been about 5 mins), when something breathed heavily in my right ear, I completely freaked, I turned to see who the hell it was and to shout at them for scaring me ....there was nobody there. I turned and ran as fast as I could out on to the wall which was directly to the right of me and found the little stairs to take me downstairs. I immediately saw my husband talking to a beefeater, and ran to him. He said I was white as a sheet and I was shaking so hard, it was a wonder how I stood.

The odd thing though is what the beefeater said to me,"don't worry it happens a lot" he said after I explained what had happened, I wanted to leave there and then.

Essex, UK
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