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Trapped In A Time Warp?

Doug Brown, MI, USA
June 2004

Iwould like to say that before this experience I was an ABSOLUTE skeptic, a non believer in anything ghostly or supernatural, except for God Almighty.

After watching the movie "Babe", our two oldest daughters wanted to raise some pigs. Pigs always grow, the larger they got, the less interest the girls showed, due to the fact that the weren't the cute cuddly little "Babe" type piglets anymore. So guess who got stuck with all the care and feeding of these darling oinkers? Yours, truly.

I am not a small man. At 6'5" and 210 lbs, I am not what you would consider average in build. This is not to say that I am above being frightened by things I cannot explain, however.

One night, the same as others before, I stood in the barn, bending over feeding the pigs. I kept getting the feeling that someone was going to walk through the door, and kept looking expectantly toward it. It was almost what you would consider a "gut" feeling, or intuition.

I was still bent over, looking at the doorway for the third time, when in walked a young man, approximately 25 years old. He was a stocky guy, muscular-about 5'7" in height and rather fair-skinned, his blonde hair worn in a crew cut. He was dressed in a green T-shirt, blue jeans, and some kind of work or farm boots. Thinking he must have been a neighbor either in need of assistance or going to report that one or more of the kids was up to some kind of mischief, I said "Hello? Can I help you?" He turned his head slightly toward me (I was standing in the far northwest corner) giving me a better view of his face, but did not respond. I repeated, "Can I help you?" but again, got no response. He continued to walk toward the back wall of the barn where at one time there was a large door that has long since been covered. He had a determined atmosphere about him, like he was on his way out to the field to do a job, maybe round up the cows for milking or some other such farm chore.
As he approached the back wall where the door once stood, I watched as he disintegrated before my eyes...

I must have been visibly shaken, because when I came back into the house immediately after this happened and told my wife what I had just witnessed she suggested that I sit down and made me go over the story again.

A few years later, I was chatting with the neighbor lady, who said her dad had lived in this area for many years. I asked her if he would know anything about the history of the house and property we own, and she said she'd ask him.

Later on that same day, she came back over and related the barn's morbid history to me, as told by her dad.

Legend has it, that at one time, two brothers lived on this property. They allegedly worked for the rock quarry down the road. It seems that one young man had gotten hurt at work and so was on sick leave, when he mysteriously died under suspicious circumstances. The mystery surrounding his death was never solved. It was rumored that his own brother killed him. This brother was tried, but there wasn't enough evidence to convict him, so he was acquitted of the crime.
It was also alleged that someone from the rock quarry may have killed him to keep from having to continue to pay workman's comp to him over an extended period. But the story is that this guy died in our barn, at the hands of a murderer. Now when I asked her if her dad had given a description of the murdered guy, she said "Yeah, he was a young guy, about 25 or 26, blonde crew cut, kinda stocky, like from working hard." Why would this guy appear to me? Is he forever trapped in time until someone is willing to unlock the mystery surrounding his death? Or,was my mind playing tricks on me?

Doug Brown, MI, USA
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