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True Stories

Bell, CA, USA
December 2011

Growing up, my parents always told me there was no such thing as ghosts. My siblings and I disagree, as we have all experienced many paranormal incidences.

From the time I was 12 to the present, 8 years later, I have beenvisited by a dark entity. It used to stand in my doorway. It was so big, it filled up the entire doorway, its shoulders reaching the sides and its head reaching the top. Being raised the way I was, I tried to debunk it. Was it a shadow? Was it a light-play from the fire alarm? I slept with my door open, so nothing could cast a shadow or a light on it. Also, a simple shadow would not have blocked the entire hallway from my vision. The visits slowly got worse. I would hear a horrifying voice calling my name if I was sleeping with my back to the room. I would turn, and the shadow man would be in the middle of my room or next to my bed. I would always feel a horrible, heavy feeling on my chest and would be paralyzed with fear. I ended up developing awful sleeping habits, like sleeping with my eyes open, my back to a wall, with lights on, or sometimes I wouldn't sleep at all for nights on end. My husband has met this entity and has told it to stay away from our family. So far, so good.

At my mom's house, I shared a room with my sister. One night, she woke me up because she was hearing noises. At first, I didn't hear anything. Then, I heard what sounded like heavy footsteps in the hall, as if whoever was walking around was wearing boots. I thought it was my step-dad, but I could hear him snoring away, still sleeping. No one else was heavy enough to make those sounds. The feet continued to take laps around the house for a few minutes before my sister built up the guts to find out what it was. As soon as she opened our door, the noises stopped and never came back.

My older brother was living with a family for a while a couple months ago. One of the sons asked him in passing if he had met their gnome yet. My brother asked what he meant. The man explained that they often heard what sounded like a small person crawling around on the ceiling and walls after they turned the lights out at night. We used to live out in the country, so my brother knows what animals on the roof and in the walls sound like. So, that night, he turned out the lights and paid attention to what he heard. True to the family's word, he heard a "gnome" crawling around and swears up and down that it's not an animal. He was terrified and slept with the lights on for a few nights afterwards.

Currently, my home is occupied by a ghost cat that I often see dashing into other rooms or feel rubbing affectionately on my leg. My dog sometimes barks at it, but usually ignores it. After I make a particularly delicious meal for dinner, I will feel that there is something in the kitchen, just hanging out and giving me creepy feelings. I have also seen a woman reflected in the sliding door that leads to the backdoor. There will be two of us in the reflection, but I'm the only one home. She always looks disheveled and confused, but disappears when I do my double take.

It may sound like I jump at every unexplained experience as if they are ghosts. I admit, I am a believer in spirits, but I'm also a believer in logic explanations and will usually shrug off my experiences unless they happen again and again without explanation. These are my true stories and my brother's, whom I trust completely.

Bell, CA, USA
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