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Tulsa Haunting Killed My Roommate

Dave, Portland, Oregon
July 1998

This story is true and happened exactly as I am telling you in Tulsa,Oklahoma.

I was 20 years old then and had already had a lifetime full of paranormal experiences, encounters with ghosts, evil spirits, demons and haunted houses, but NOTHING could have prepared me for what was to happen that spring and summer in my apartment for you see, I believe that dark forces claimed the life of my very best friend and roommate at the time. His name was Vince and he was 26.

We moved into apartment No.103 of the Phoenix apartments on 24th street in Tulsa, Oklahoma around mid march. I guess I should have been suspicious when the on-site leasing agent was all too eager to rent to me without so much as a credit check or cleaning deposit. So we settled in to our bargain apartment and within two weeks bad things started to happen.Vince (my roommate) was (although I didn't know it at the time) heavily into the occult, Ouija boards, seances....etc and he was also in contact with a spirit called "Abehew" who Vince said would send him out on "missions" to "save the world" stop accidents, prevent crimes and murders etc...before they happened. Vince and a friend of his named Darlene would use a Ouija board in our apartment to plot these "interventions with destiny" while I was gone or at work. I many times walked in on their sessions and instantly every hair on my head and the back of my neck would stand straight up and I knew that I was standing in the very presence of evil. There were times when their Ouija board would spell out "die David (me), die" and other threats toward me, cursing me, cursing god, and especially cursing my belief in god. Well, they would leave to go on their "missions" and I would, of course stay at home. This was when the physical manifestations would start. I initially thought that they were just bad dreams, but then quickly came to realize they were real.

Dave, Portland, Oregon
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