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Two Dark Figures

October 2003

Ihave a pretty spooky story to tell. All I have to tell you is that it's 100% real.

When I was about 7 years old, I had my own bed in my mom's room. And it was midnight. I remembered it all these years because it was very horrifying. Here's my story:

I was laying on my bed trying to go to sleep. After a few hours I finally did. My mom turned off the closet light, but left the door open. I started hearing weird noises in the room. I slowly peeked through my blanket to see what it was. When I had opened my eyes completely I had gotten so scared I couldn't move. I saw to dark shadows right in front of my face. They looked like hill-like figures. Except, one of them had a type of horns on it's head. I tapped my mom's foot (her bed was right next to mine) and told her that I was seeing things. She didn't listen. My mom just said that I was hallucinating and to go back to bed. I tried touching the figure, but I was too scared.

I fell back asleep for about 30 minutes. When I woke up again, the figures were still there! I was really freaked out. I was only a little kid and didn't know what to do. So practically crying (I was crying of being so scared and helpless) I fell back asleep worrying about if my family and I would be okay in the morning.

I woke up in the morning only to find that the two dark shadows were gone! I tried telling my mom the whole story, but she didn't believe me. From then on (well, till I was 8) I was scared to sleep completely in the dark.

My story is still spooky to tell in the dark when I go over to a friends house for a sleep over. But who knows, maybe the same thing I went through has happened to someone else? But just remember if you are young, keep your lights on and don't be scared. Because if you went through what I went through you would be really scared!

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