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Two Experiences And some Doubt

Nicola, UK
January 2002

I've only had two experiences (and hope to have no more as they seriously freak me out). They're not that scary compared to most stories on this site, but they kind of confuse me as to whether there was anything in them. Perhaps you will have your opinions?

I'm 27 now and when I was about 8 or so, I had the first experience. I was at Primary School. Now this school had outside toilets and inside toilets. There had always been a rumour going around that the inside girls toilets were haunted. Being children, it was always exaggerated and mainly just a bit of fun. However, I know I always got a very strange feeling if I went in there and would never go in alone, always using the outside toilets if nobody was with me. I remember one day however, maybe it was really cold, but I used the inside toilets on this occasion.

It was lesson time and so the school was really quiet and the hallways deserted. I went in and felt the usual eerie feeling, somehow I managed to 'go' and was washing my hands when the eerie feeling picked up in intensity. I remember turning, and there above the toilets (there were three in a row and the cubicles were no higher than I am now) was this white transparent haze. I seem to recall that it just hung there, no shape, just a haze. I didn't stick around to find out what on earth it was, and was out of those toilets and back in my classroom in no time! I don't think I told anyone, but I never used those toilets again until the day I left Primary School, neither did I hear of any other actual sightings. I think back to it now and wonder if it was just a childish imagination at work, the rumours about those toilets were so imbedded in my head. I suppose I'll never know, but around that time, my parents separated and later divorced, so maybe I was more in tune with such things and it WAS real?

My other experience is short and not scary, a bit strange that's all. I was 17 this time, and working at an Oil Company as an Office Junior. The building was very modern, had it's own canteen etc and never really scared me, even at night. I just remember that I would put things down and go back to find them moved when my office was empty. One time I had stood a pen upright, and turned away, when I turned back it was laying down. Photocopying would go missing when I knew I'd left it somewhere to be distributed but objects moving about was all that ever happened, although to the point I thought I was going crazy. Again, I look back on that and wonder if it was just me, maybe I was just looking for excitement and imagining things as I was very bored in that job!

>Well, like I say, not that scary (considering the fact I still don't know how real either experience was), but a couple of things that have stayed in my mind and always make me wonder...

Nicola, UK
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