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Two Ghosts and a Pug

Kira, Ohio, USA
July 2004

The activity started getting real strong about two years ago. We get activity off and on here but not this strong. It all started with my husbands mother (I will call her Sue).

Sue started hearing a voice waking her up at night. The first time this happened the spirit said to her after it woke her up that her oldest son (I will call him Tommy) was sick and needed her. At first she thought it was my husband (I will call him Sam) it used his voice when talking to her. So she said ok and got up to check on Tommy. But when she got up and looked in his room she remembered that he was at his and hers helpers house that night. She thought thats odd and got back in bed. From then on she heard Sam's voice or mine call to her from time to time we thought she was just dreaming it till one day when she was sleeping in the living room, we were playing skip boo and she started to say in her sleep "what do you want" so I looked at her. I heard in my own voice from the hall "mom mom ". I was shocked and she mumbled "what" and woke up. By then I was looking down the hall, nothing was there and she was looking at me funny. I told her I heard the voice and told here what I had heard she said thats what she heard and it woke me up.

From that point on we heard more voices, saw a person walk by our door outside, saw a person in the hall, it tapped mom's foot once, and we saw an orb with our own eyes not on film. It was fast. We once got and EVP but we can't find it.

Then two of our pets died; a cat that we rescued didn't make it. We still see if form time to time the shadow of that cat bounces around rooms.

A dog that Sam had for ten years died, we saw him a few times as well.

We think that one of the spirits in the photo is that dog, he died somewhere around that time.

He died the week we got the part pug dog for Sue.

Kira, Ohio, USA
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