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Two In One Experience

Melaka, Malaysia
April 2000

Hello there! I am from Malaysia, that is one of the fairly advanced countries in South East Asia. I am currently pursuing my 'A' Levels Science course at a college. I just left high school last year.

The story you about to read is not directly from the horse's mouth, but is a true account of what was told to me. To be honest, I enjoy reading material that concerns the supernatural and the spirit world. Even the theories of the existence of extra-terrestrials fascinate me.

I have an extremely close friend who was recently possessed by not one but two entities. We went to high school together and share all our secrets. While I went off to college after my SPM (that is equivalent to 'O' Levels), she was chosen to pursue a matriculation course in a rather rural area, that is a good two hour drive from where she lives.

The first eight weeks of her course was uneventful, other than the usual drill of studies and homework. During the ninth week however, strange things happened to her.

It started on a dreary Monday morning at 2.30 a.m. My friend shares her room with three other girls. She went to bed the night before feeling a little fatigued. She slept fitfully until 2.30 a.m. Upon suddenly waking up at that odd hour, she was weighed down by an excruciatingly painful headache. Feeling sick, she woke up her nearest room mate, telling her that she was very ill. (My friend does not remember anything else about her experience after this point and the further information was provided by her room mates, parents etc.) While her groggy room mate searched for some aspirin, she began banging her head against the wall. The rather alarmed room mate woke up the others, who quickly restrained her.

They first tried to coax my poor friend to stop hurting herself and made her take a painkiller, which she promptly threw up. She began mumbling incoherently, in a rather gruff and deep voice. While two girls watched over her in fear, the other one quickly fetched the warden. The warden checked her to see if she was delirious from a fever, but she seemed medically fine. They could not comprehend the deep voice, because my friend's voice is of a high and shrill pitch. In the meanwhile, some other students who stayed in adjacent rooms had woken up. They were all terrified and some began to suggest that she was possessed. The warden, a skeptical and down to earth person, decided to take my friend to the hospital. All this while, my friend was happily mumbling to herself in a very old dialect of the Malay language.

After making the necessary arrangements, the warden tried to coax her to come downstairs so they could put her in a car and take her to the hospital. At once my friend resisted and began sobbing like a toddler. They managed to pull her towards the banister but she clung on the the railings and refused to be brought down. Despite her tiny physique (she's a mere 42kg), it took ten well built girls to carry her down. The trip to the hospital was to no avail as the doctors found nothing medically wrong with her. Her distraught parents, who were informed a few hours ago, took her home. She continued behaving like a child and mumbled nonsense in baby language. My friend comes from an extremely religious and pious Muslim family. The walls of her lounge are decorated with embroidered phrases from the holy Quran. The second she entered her lounge, she cringed in fear and dared not look at the walls. She began breathing heavily and almost stopped breathing.

Fortunately, her aunt, a holy woman who is capable of communicating with spirits was there to save her. She communicated with the entities that had possessed my friend. According to her, there was a spirit of an old man and a three year old child that resided on a hill near the matriculation center. They needed a host and had decided upon my poor friend whose astral was a little weak that night. At first, they refused to leave my friend's body. They made her throw fits and tantrums to scare everyone away.

After three days of threatening, coaxing and negotiating, they finally left. If my friend were not religiously strong, she would have died.

My friend has recuperated and is now a believer. She was never one to believe in spirits. Now she has learnt of their existence. She has become even more devoted to her religion to strengthen herself. So, do ghosts really exist? I guess no one can ever answer that question.

Melaka, Malaysia
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