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Two Spirits

Keri, CA, USA
May 2003

This story actually took place and still does at my friend's house, but these are the experiences I witnessed while there.....and YES these are TRUE!

I spent a lot of time at my friend *Jane's house. Things were always disappearing on her, and she would always say, "That darned Henry, playing tricks again". And she left it at that. I have always believed in ghosts, having lived with ghosts for most of my life. They seem to like me, and will show themselves to me.. Which doesn't really scare me anymore. Well, one night we were sitting on my friend's bed, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man! He leaned down and we felt a weight ease onto the bed as he leaned onto it. Jane saw my face, and asked me what was wrong, and I described the man I saw. She said, "You finally met Henry!" After that I swear it has to be Henry, he took cigarettes, and hid my keys, only to put them right back. We would sometimes see him sitting at the computer desk watching TV with us. THis became a normal thing around there.

NO one told me there was 2 spirits in the house, until she showed herself to me. One night, I was helping the kids with homework. All of a sudden there was a HUGE crash coming from the garage. We ran out there and opened the side door, and immediately I cringed. The cat howled as it jumped out in front of us, and the cold air (we don't get cold air in the desert, especially in September, it's still 100 at that time)surrounded me. The hairs on my neck stood up as my friend turned on the light to find the shelf above the washer thrown across the room.....the nails that had held it to the wall were still straight! I had an odd feeling that someone was watching me, and I looked up at her ceiling. She has an opening to the attic right above where we are standing. There I saw a little girl kneeling above the opening. She had her thumbs in her ear with her hands stretched out wide, her tongue was stuck out to me as if she was saying "nyeh-nyeh-nyeh", or taunting me. Well, I RAN out of the garage, and when asked what was wrong I told my friend exactly what I had seen, and told her what the girl looked like. The funny thing is her youngest daughter is "taunted" by the same girl in the hall, and she had described her exactly the way I did. She even sticks out her tongue at her! But that was the only time she showed herself to me.

I have had many more run-ins with spirits, and most recently orbs of light that appear out of the blue, and disappear just as quick.....any idea about those???? Hope this didn't bore you all!

Keri, CA, USA
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