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Typical Ghost Story

August 2001

I moved into my little house on Ash Street a couple years ago, and began my life as a homeowner with little fanfare.

It was a cute little house; a two-story bungalow erected in the 1920s. I was the third person ever to own the home.

Only one thing in the home was ever outwardly strange. A room in the basement that appeared to be the old laundry room was filled to the ceiling with sand. Curtains still hung in the windows, and posters were still stuck to the walls. I decided that I would dig the sand out of the room, as I needed storage. Halfway through the pile, I found a shoe. I screamed and threw the shoe back into the room and tried to forget about it. That failing, I walled in the room. Soon afterwards, things started happening in my house.

While showering, I would get a horrible feeling that someone was watching me. I merely assumed that I was being fearful, until a few months later when my husband told me he would get the same feeling when he showered. "Simple coincidence," we thought.

There is one room upstairs that everyone is afraid to go into. My dog, the ever-curious creature, refused to go in the room. When I carry her in there with me for protection, she'll panic and start biting.

One day my father was visiting. He had gone into that room to hang some trim, and after about 5 minutes, came downstairs and told me that he didn't get a good feeling about the room, and refused to go back in.

That night he slept on the couch in the family room. In the middle of the night he awoke to a young woman speaking to him. In the morning, he matter-of-factly told me that my house was haunted. I didn't believe until?

I was sitting on a chair in the spare bedroom talking on the phone with my cousin, when in the corner of my eye I saw someone walk by the doorway and into the bathroom, where they closed the door, my dog in chase. I thought nothing of it, until I realized that I was home alone. I got up, noticed the door to the bathroom was shut, and let my dog out.

After this, both my husband and I were plagued by corner of the eye visions. They always occurred in the spare bedroom, in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

At this point, I merely assumed I was hallucinating. I didn't believe my eyes, but the fact that my dog was closed into the bathroom should have been enough for me.

One night as I was talking on the phone, the freezer door kept on opening. I would walk over and close it, and as soon as I turned my back to the refrigerator, it would open again. This went on for about 15 minutes, until I got frustrated and yelled, "Would you STOP doing that?" And it did.

Often, my husband and I will be lying in bed sleeping, when the entire bed will start shaking, sometimes so hard that it bumps against the wall. At first, Jeff just assumed that I was the one doing it, until he was home alone and it happened to him. It occurred again last night. We were dead asleep when the bed jolted us awake. The bed shook for about 3 minutes, as if the earth underneath it were moving.

We always close the spare bedroom door when we go to work. I came home one day, only to find all of the pillows and blankets from the room piled against the door FROM THE INSIDE. It took a lot of might for me to open the door and push them out of the way. Despite this omen, I slept in that room that night. This is where my most frightening experience comes in.

I could hardly go to sleep, so with my eyes half- open, I was looking out the window. Suddenly I saw something move in front of the window, and my dog started barking wildly. Suddenly she turned her attention to the opposite side of the bed, wherein I heard a man's voice say, "Do you mind if I get in bed with you?" The door was closed, it wasn't my husband. Who was it? I was terrified. My dog continued barking viciously as I felt the side of the bed go down with a human's weight. I felt this person curl up in front of me. I didn't move. I hardly breathed. I could feel the pressure of this person against me. After about 10 minutes of terror, I pushed with all of my might, FELT THE PERSON MOVE, and then darted out of the door into the master bedroom. As soon as I got in there, the lamp on the dresser turned on. I was several feet away from it, and my husband was in bed asleep.

I am moving in three weeks.

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