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Underwater Ghosts

June 2000

This story is all true. It is not my personal experience but one of my friends fathers.

My friends father is a certified SCUBA diver. For a job he used to go to shipwrecks and tie ropes around the dead bodies to be later pulled up. This is a story of one of those times.

It was late at night and Mr.Morey had just gotten a call from the coast guard stating that a passenger boat had gone down in the Red Sea. He left very quickly and soon arrived to the spot of the wreck he put on all necessary equipment and soon was in the water with his own diving team.

He had the task of checking one hallway on the ship. There were rooms and all sides but he only had to check the hallway. The water was like a thick fog and he could see very little but if a body was in front of him, he could see it. He walked all the way to the end of the hallway without finding a body and started back towards door through which he had came from. When he got there, he felt something heavy hit his back. He instantly recognized it as a human hand. He turned around and pushed the dead body off him. As he looked down the hallway, a dozen dead bodies were all over the hallway. They weren't there when he had first walked through but somehow they were there now.

Many people have tried to explain this. The only thing he could think of was that as he walked down the hallway, a suction was being created from the water moving around him. As he walked by maybe there was enough suction to pull the dead bodies out of their rooms and into the hallway. What do you believe?

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