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Uneasy Living

Rachel, TX, USA
May 2002

Hello, my name is Rachel. I am 18 yrs old, and very much do believe in the paranormal. While I have never actually seen anything, I have born witness and heard strange events in my house. My house was built approximately 5 years ago, it is brand new and sits on clean property. By clean, I mean that nothing before my house has ever resided there. However about 20 feet from my house is an older house that has been there since the late 20's and early 30's. We know this because part of the wall has cracked and inside we found newspapers from 1928. I should also mention the my house sits on a 75 foot cliff overlooking a river, as we live out in the country.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, I can go ahead with my story. Since the moment we moved into my house I have felt a strange presence within its walls, but always shoved it off, as silly thoughts of a little girl. However as I grew older the feelings became stronger, when I was about 15,I would be upstairs cleaning my bathroom and would get the distinct feeling that I was being watched, in fact this feeling would become so intense that I would often leave the house and sit out on the front porch waiting for my mother to get off after work.

Other times, I would be sleeping in my bed and downstairs would hear pots and pans banging away as if someone were searching for something incredibly important. In the morning, everything in the kitchen would be the way we had left it the night before, but of course not without the usual question from my mom as to what I was doing last night, or what I was looking for. Now that I am about to leave for college things have become more frequent. At the start of my senior year I was going to attend a local university, however after much consideration, I finally decided to attend an out of state school, that I had been accepted to. The exact second that I informed my mother I would be attending said university, my five yr. old sister ran down the stairs crying saying that her barbie car was driving. Now my little sister does not play with this car because the batteries are dead, and have been for over a year. My mother and I ran upstairs to see what was going on and both watched as this toy car roamed around my sisters room. We immediately left the house.

Also, on homecoming night, I was out with my friends and just returning home when I received a phone call from my mother around 2 in the morning asking me to please come home because she was sitting downstairs with my little sister. She felt very uneasy upstairs as if someone did not want her up there, as I could not go home at that time, she went to my grandmother's. In my bathroom, my tub is surrounded by two full glass doors, that you must slide to open and close. Each make a distinct noise. Recently in the mornings around 5, I can hear them being opened, I get up at 6, and will go in there to open glass doors, now I am supposed to keep them closed upon the request of my step father. Also, I will come home from school to find my TV on. Everything has become more frequent since I have begun getting ready to leave the house after graduation. Could it be that I have upset whatever lives in my house? And what does live in my house? How did it get there? If you can offer me any answers please feel free to do so.

Rachel, TX, USA
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