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Unexpected Visitor (1)

Angel, NY, USA
April 2005

I have had many strange experiences since I was a small child but one will always make my blood run cold.

We lived in a railroad style apartment meaning rooms ran in succession to one another. One night my two brothers, my sister and I were watching T.V. That evening my older brother Edward had came by and left his pet German Sheppard named "King" with us for the night.

The lights were off in all of the rooms and the living room except for the kitchen light, the television was up against the wall and to the right of the doorway that led to the rooms and the kitchen doorway was to the left of that one. We were sitting on the couch and King was laying on the floor in front of us, when all of a sudden I noticed that a form was walking down towards us from the back rooms. I thought it was my mother but she had been asleep since early and the form was more like a man's! When it reached the living room doorway we all looked at it and we could see right through him! He was a grayish black shadow, but transparent! We were all speechless at what we were looking at and then that's when King stood up and started to growl. The form turned left into the kitchen and King gave chase as we followed behind. We all stood by the kitchen doorway and saw that King was barking at the refrigerator. The shadow was behind the refrigerator. We could see part of his shoulder and arm sticking out from a space that was only two inches from the wall. It seemed that every time it tried to move out from behind there King would make it go back when he approached barking closer at it. Every time the shadow moved a bit more out of the space king would back up some but bark even more wildly! Then the shadow came entirely out from behind the refrigerator and flew out the kitchen window through the glass pane. King gave chase towards the window and kept barking near the window sill.

Till this day we still talk about that experience and wonder what would have happened if King was not there that night. Would it have tried to tell us something or try to communicate with us?. We were all scared since we saw it but one thing was for sure, no one ever stayed home alone!

Angel, NY, USA
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