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Unexplained Sight and Sound

September 2023
Greensboro, NC, USA

At around 2:38 am ET, on the morning of Wednesday, February 20, 2019, I was awakened by a strange, high-pitched sound. More accurately, it was a series of progressively high-pitched sounds. Although I was awake, I did not immediately open my eyes. I can't say for certain if I kept my eyes closed voluntarily in order to listen intently to these tones, or if I felt I was unable to open them. But I can say with certainty, that for as long as my eyes remained closed, I also experienced a series of complex visual phenomena. Each time the pitch of the perceived tone changed, the appearance of the brightly colored, intricately moving geometrical imagery in my visual field shifted in unison. After what I believe was less than 10 seconds, I opened my eyes, sat up, and listened again, but the both the auditory and visual sensations had ceased. Not surprisingly, the experience was quite disturbing to me. I had the distinct impression that there was some unknown trouble that I needed to investigate. I got up and checked to make sure the front and rear doors of the house were secured. I listened for any sort of disturbance elsewhere in the house. I looked out the front window. But upon finding nothing amiss, I went to the bathroom, then returned to bed. After a few minutes in bed calming my nerves, I eventually fell asleep again. Since that time, I've experienced one similar episode, though it was briefer and less intense, and I failed to note the date and time.

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