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Unseen Spirits

Debbie Harkey, AZ, USA
November 2000

Ihave never been one to believe in unseen spirits. I have never felt that I have a gift to be perceptive of unusual happenings. It all started to happen when I met my future husband.

He made me aware of alot of things.We both worked in a little store a mile from where we lived. We were so intuned to each other that we were constantly writing notes to each other.

One day he had left the room and I thought I would write a quick note to him. As I was writing I could feel him standing behind me or so I thought! I turned around to tell him he couldn't read the note till I was done. There was no one there! That had me so spooked I couldn't move for a few minutes. The store we worked in sold Indian jewelry. All the pieces were made by local Indians. I kept having this one dream where a native man told me to wear this one owl necklace that was there. My husband's mom, who had been gone for 10 years loved and collected owls. I was told in my dream that if I wore the necklace I would be protected. I finally got the courage to put the necklace on. When I did the dreams stopped. My husband later told me that one customer months earlier refused to enter the store because there were too many spirits inside.

A few months after we were married we were watching a movie with all the lights off, when all of a sudden the dog started barking and the hall light turned on. This light was hard to turn on even when you used the switch. We ended up moving from that house and I never gave another thought to "unseen spirits" until my 15 year old daughter and I were watching music videos.

Our TV was hooked up to a radio with big speakers. We both watched as the volume knob turned the volume way up. We both left the room immediately.

One more thing that happened to me was I was home by myself and boiling water when I remembered I hadn't turned off the stove. I went over to turn it off and it was already off!! That same day I was working in the garden so I locked the front door. It was time for my daughter to come home from school, so I went to unlock the front door. It was already unlocked. It's hard to explain these occurrences. It's kind of scary, but nothing bad has happened to myself or my family.

Debbie Harkey, AZ, USA
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