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Untitled Story No. 10

Saskatchewan, Canada
January 1999

This is somewhat hard to explain, it is not really one event I care to tell but rather a series of events. I once lived in a house built by my great grandparents built in the early 1900s. The most shocking fact is the whole house is always abnormally cold especially in the nursery room.

One day my cousin and I were roaming around the house looking for something to do. Now you can say this was just our imaginations but I swear it is true! From the corner of my eye I saw something, turning around to look, I saw a small hand appeared and made its way down the window.

The second incident happened to my older sister. She was walking by the nursery when she noticed something in the mirror. Looking in it she noticed a face. Unfortunately she was to scared to notice any detail but swears she saw it. Those are the only events that really stick out but whenever your near that room it was always as if someone was watching.

Later on I found out that the nursery was the same place that my great grandfather died in. My great grandmother was never the type to bother anyone so when he had passed away she simply laid him out in that room and waited till morning.

Saskatchewan, Canada
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