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Untitled Story No. 9

Florida, USA
January 1999

My story may not be very scary to you, but it sure was to my two friends and I! I'm sorry, but I can't remember when this happened.

It was sometime in 1997, and it was dark outside. My parents weren't home. We were just being curious teenage girls playing with the Ouija board. My friend, Hope and I had our hands on the message indicator. Our other friend, Dawn, sat beside us. We were in a circle surrounded by salt because we figured we'd be safe that way. I asked the board if there were any spirits who wanted to talk to us. Then I added, "We don't want to hurt you." (I had seen my friend's mother say that before, and I wanted to sound smart). We waited for about 10-15 minutes, and began to get bored so we started to talk in whispers to each-other. I'm not sure why we whispered. Then the indicator slowly started to move. Dawn wrote the letters down. It spelled out, "Hello". Hope and I looked at each-other and I told her to stop moving it. She said she wasn't. So when the indicator started to move again, I picked up my fingers and held them above it. Hope did the same thing out of fright. The indicator still moved, slower than before. We quickly placed our hands back on it. This time it spelled out, "Behind You." All three of us nervously looked behind us. Nothing was there. Then I asked, "What is your name?" The indicator moved faster and spelled out "Thomas." Hope then asked, "Thomas, can you give us a sign that you are here?" The board said "yes". We then asked a bunch of questions like, "Can you speak? Can you flicker the candles? Can you touch us?" It said no to all of these. We finally gave up on asking how and said that we were tired. The indicator spelled out, "I can fix that for you." Then a slip a paper that was firmly held down by a heavy wooden carving of a duck, flew down and landed in front of us. Then my puppy barked suddenly. All three of us screamed and grabbed a hold of one another's arm or hand. Then we rushed outside and sat on the porch waiting for my parents. When they returned we had all fallen asleep and were huddled close together. When we walked into the house, the circle of salt was gone, and the message indicator was upside down across the room. Maybe my dog licked up the salt and carried the indicator across the room, but I didn't care. I convinced my friends to go back to the Ouija to say goodbye. We did and none of us has ever touched a board before.

Florida, USA
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