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Unwelcome Visitor In The Basement

Alycia, Indiana, USA
October 2002

One day in the mid-summer of '97 I went to visit my grandmother. We were sitting at her kitchen table talking and she began to tell me that my grandfather had taken her out to dinner the night before and I would never believe who she saw at the restaurant. She said she couldn't remember the girls name but she went on to describe her. It was an acquaintance I had gone to high school with.

She was a very pretty girl with long curly red hair, fair skin with pale blue eyes. Well after chatting with Nana for a little while I went downstairs to her basement, rummaging through some of old family belongings. I sat down to look at a picture of all of us at a BBQ we had years before. When all of a sudden it was like I was forced to lay on my back where I couldn't move or even scream for help. Before I knew it this white being appeared floating on top of me. It took the appearance of the girl I went to school with and at first she looked just like an angel, but as she got more closer and clearer to me I could feel and see the evil in its eyes. She began to speak to me in a very shrilling echoed voice telling me that she was there to take me to hell with her. Then just like that, it disappeared and I was then able to get up and run upstairs.

I was so shaken up when I told Nana about it that she gave me a glass of warm milk and told me to try to take a nap to calm down and that she would be right there for me.

I don't know how I fell asleep but I did, and I drifted off into a dream where I saw myself standing in the doorway to the room watching myself sleep. Maybe I wasn't dreaming but sub-consciously protecting myself from any evil that my bring harm my way...

Alycia, Indiana, USA
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