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Valley Drive

Glory, Ontario, Canada
May 2006

So, I moved into my new house Dec 15, 2005. A couple days later, I decided to check out the neighborhood.

Wandering around with my dog, I discovered Valley Drive, a short street with lovely newly built houses, except one, number 25. It was a very old house, with a tower attached, at least 25 windows, and shingles that were slowly peeling off the roof. There were no cars in the driveway, and it didn't look like anyone had lived there for a very long time.

A couple days later, a friend and I went to go check out the house a little closer. He knocked on the door; no reply, he rattled the handle and it opened, so we let ourselves in.

It was a beautiful house, old and rustic, really dusty, but has serious potential! We wandered, and snooped around, until I got a very weird feeling... a chill up my spine, then my neck became warm, and I felt a short breath-like wind past my ear. I spun around, and touched my neck. I was quite frightened at this point, and searched urgently for Travis (my friend who was with me). I found him; he was looking though a photo album. I looked over his shoulder to see too. There were pictures of a little girl, a boy, a mother and a father, a very classic looking family. The pictures looked to be taken in the 1940s. But, as we passed through the pages the pictures became sadder, and sadder to look at.
The girl would be on the ground, looking up at the camera with a black eye, and a scratched up knee. We continued though the pictures in confusion; why would someone take such horrid pictures? Then Travis jumped, yelled, and fell onto a coffee table near us. I asked "What was that about?!" he said "I felt something touch my behind! And I know it wasn't you!" he looked terrified, as he searched around the room with his eyes franticly. I walked over to him and helped him up. He put the album on the couch behind him, and dusted himself off. We were both scared at that point, but too hard-headed, and curious to go back now. I slowly walked into the kitchen, until I heard Travis scream. I followed his screams to the bedroom, where there was a school uniform laid out on the bed; it was a uniform from my school! I stepped towards it to take a closer look; it had a bit of blood on it, in the edge of the skirt. I backed away. Then we both heard a sob, sniff, and a deep breath. We looked at each other, and ran out, quickly! I've never ran that fast before! Everyday, I still walk past the house, still curious about what exactly happened. I stare passionately at it all the time; the neighbors must think I'm crazy.

Glory, Ontario, Canada
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