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Rebecca, Maryland, USA
March 2000

My husband and I spent at least 12 years in Germany as he was active duty Army. We lived in government housing but we both worked on the Army Base. Jobs are hard to come by over there for American dependents because most of the jobs are taken by the German locals. So, I worked as at the Officers Club as a waitress, cook, bartender and whatever else, just what ever needed to be done.

On this particular night, which happened to be the last night of the German/American Friendship Week, I got off work and my husband and I got a chance to join in on the fun.

At the end of the night when the club closed, an American friend of my husband asked if we would take him home because he had to much to drink and felt he could not drive. Now, I was tired and was plenty tiffed that my husband agreed to drive him home when I felt like he could have just as easily taken a taxi. So, much so that I didn't have a single word to say on our journey to either of them!

If you have ever been to Germany you will know that the little towns are very close together. It was 3:00am and we were completely alone on the roads, until we reached the last town before we got to his friends house when a little red car with German plates came right up on our bumper! And, I mean he was so close I could have almost touched the hood of the car. He followed us for about two miles like that and my husband was getting plenty P.O'd, the other cars lights were blinding him. We went up over a little hill as we were leaving the burg, when he passed us like a bat out of hell.

He rounded the turn not two car lengths ahead of us and as soon as we rounded...nothing!!! No tail lights, no dust in the air where he could have gone off the road...nothing. The night air was as still as a church mouse, simply no sign of that car.

That's been almost twenty years ago. We are retired now and we spend alot of time camping by RV along with our friends and this very true story always comes up.

Rebecca, Maryland, USA
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