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Various Hauntings

Mel, Arizona, USA
November 2004

I have quite a few experiences that I am planning to tell, so I suppose I'll begin with the first one I remember. It was summer of 1998 or 1999, and my parents had gone out of town on business. My younger sister, younger brother, and I were left at my grandmother's house for the weekend.

First of all, my grandmother lived in a tiny house with two bedrooms. One bedroom was hers, the other was my grandfather's. (They got along fine...he just slept in a hospital bed due to a stroke he had a few years beforehand.) So my siblings and I were sleeping on the living room floor. It was a few hours before sunrise, and I had been awakened by a nightmare. I had trouble falling back asleep, so I thought that I would have better luck in the dining room, where my grandmother had put an extra couch that wouldn't fit in the living room. As I laid my head down on the armrest of the couch, I noticed that the space between the door and the doorframe--where the hinges were--was glowing a twilight-blue color. Curious, I put my eye to the space and was met with a girl who resembled me...but slightly prettier (Hmph!) and she was glaring very very VERY malevolently. Needless to say, being very young at the time, I bolted right out of the dining room and didn't sleep a wink for the rest of the night. I told my sister the next morning, who told my grandmother, and even though she is one of the most superstitious people I know, she told me that ghosts weren't real.

I brushed it off as a product of an overactive imagination until just last year, when I was in the bathroom washing my hands, and as I glanced up to look in the mirror, I saw the girl again standing behind my right shoulder.

Well, my sister has had her share of experiences as well. When she told me of them, she was positive that it was all true, but now she denies that anything has happened. But one day during the summer of 2002, I went into my sister's room to get my clothes. (I don't use my own closet for some odd reason) I walked out and came back after I had changed, and my sister told me that she had seen a little boy holding my hand as I was leaving her room. She drew me a sketch to elaborate on his appearance, and he was a Caucasian boy of perhaps 8 years with a slightly overgrown bowl-cut hairstyle. It sent a chill down my spine, and I convinced myself and my sister that she was just probably tired and was half-dreaming. However, about a year later, she saw that same boy again...this time in the downstairs bathroom. He "saw" her enter and ran away, disappearing into the opposite wall. My sister has also seen other "things" as well, such as animals that are there one second and gone the next, and a man in a "butler-style" tuxedo standing next to our garage outside. A lot of her sightings have been centered around our family's home and the house across the street.

My scariest experience was when I was sleeping on a Saturday morning and was awakened by a loud, booming voice. The entity to which it belonged was traveling down the hallway outside of my bedroom towards my sister's room. It seemed to be counting, "Thirteen, sixteen, two, two, two!" (The numbers may be wrong...) Then the door at the end of the hallway slammed. It was either my sister's or the bathroom. But when I got up to investigate, I found that both doors were open. Later on, I took my digital camera and snapped pictures of the hallway at various angles. Upon examination of one particular photograph with a light fixture in it, I noticed that there was something strange about the light. I went back to the light fixture and saw that two of the light bulbs were burned out, leaving only one lit. In the picture, two light bulbs were lit, and one light was slightly larger than the other. I zoomed in on the image of the light bulbs, and saw that the larger light was not generated from the light bulb at all, but actually seemed like an orb. I regret deleting the picture in a state of fear, because otherwise I would have included it with this story.

My family is the first and only family to have lived in this house, so I doubt that it has enough emotional 'imprints' to allow for a phenomenon as dramatic as a haunting to occur. But we do have various objects in our home that could be causing these strange happenings. As for the ghost I saw in my grandma's house and in my bathroom years later, I have one theory. My aunt told me that before I was born, my mother miscarried. I would have had a sister.

Mel, Arizona, USA
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