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Visit During Painful Times

Kuala Lumpur
July 2009

This is my experience after I was admitted 2 years ago (I'm now 29) due to a serious accident when my bike collided with a car which made an illegal U-turn near my office. After 8 hours of operation, the doctor was able to reattach my ankle but he informed my parents that I might be able to run nor jump nor even a slight jog for the rest of my life due to serious injuries I sustained on my tendons & nerves which were suppose to enable me to live a normal lifestyle.

I woke up after 2 or 3 hours after operation on my bed with excrutiating pain all over my body. I was not able to move even a single inch of my body and it would ache tremendously. But the real fear kicked in when I realize that I can't move my left leg at all and to make it worse I can't feel it at all. My parent's & the doctor who operated me walked and gave me the worst news a guy who loves to dance and doing all the outdoor activities could hear. I cried as it was another 3 more months for me to get married but because of this injury I might need to postpone the marriage for another 2-3 years. Also, the fact that I won't be to do the things I loved further aggravated the pain both in my heart and body. For the first 2 days, I was injected with heavy dosage of morphine in order to reduce the pain since I had multiple fractures all over my body. But on the third day the dosage was reduced as the doctor feared I might be over dosed. The night was not pleasant at all and pain is the only thing I had as a companion throughout the night. I tried to force myself to go to sleep but it wasn't an easy task. I managed to sleep a little after about 2am but still could feel the pain all over.

This is when it gets creepy but pleasant as well; suddenly I felt some presence by my bedside as if someone standing. I tried to open my eyes but couldn't and felt this relieve all over my body as if I was drifting in air. My head was lifted up and placed back as if on someone's lap and a pair of hands was stroking my hair and gently rubbing my chest as well as my hands. At the same time, I felt another pair of hands was gently massaging both of legs from waist to the toe but more on my left injured leg. All I know, at that moment there was no pain and I felt a surge of strength went through my veins and I felt as if I was healing or something. The next thing I remembered was waking up all smiling but this time I was able to feel my left and even move it an inch. The doctor however was surprised and requested for another scan to see for any improvement. He was shocked to see my nerves which was not to suppose to work for the next year or two is actually showing significant signs of productivity and the only things he said to me was "I was your guardian angel did some work on you". When my parents came around 10am, I told them what happened and my parent's face turned pale white all of a sudden. I asked "What's the matter, Dad?" He shrugged for a while and said "It's strange cause last night I dreamed your grandparents (from my father's side) gave a visit in the hospital and was sort of massaging you just like you said". I smiled because everyone knows I'm their favourite grandchild and it's good to know I'm still their favourite. For the next 2 months I had several of that experience, especially when I'm in pain but the next day I'll be smiling as if nothing happened. By the way I'm now all well but still can't run as I used too but believe me the time is very near.

I know my grandparents can't read this but just somehow rather if they did, just want to tell them I still love them too and maybe one day they could give me the opportunity to say good bye as I was away when both of them passed away....

Kuala Lumpur
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